Daddy Philosophy: Body Image and the Cult of Bacchus

So I figured that it’s about time for a philosophy post. Those who know me have probably already heard my views on this subject but for everyone else it’s probably worthwhile to share this. For those that don’t know, I am currently engaged in the service of my master, Bacchus the Liberator, ancient Roman god of sex, drugs and rock-n-roll…or something very much like that anyways…My duties as high Flamen (aside from training the sex-priestesses of the order) is to share the good news of the freedom which the absolute submission to Bacchus brings to your everyday life.

Of course historically the rites of the mysteries of Bacchus had a notorious reputation. For instance the twice-yearly equinox festivals of the Bacchanalia were rowdy drunken orgies of epic proportions. Imagine a holiday where all the villagers would meet in the town-square, get drunk and gang-bang their neighbors…It got so bad that the Senate eventually had to decree that the Bacchanalia should be limited to not more than five persons and could only be held in private residences, even requiring orgy licences from the office of the Censor…But I am getting led astray from my main point here…

Obviously though, a religion that teaches that pleasures should be savoured and shared freely far-and-wide, and that encourages banging your neighbors indiscriminately, would be very accepting of a wide variety of body-types and styles. Real people come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, none should be particularly preferable to any other. Honestly I am most attracted to women who might not be considered ‘attractive’ to the slavish fashion-trend-setters. I love big women and mature women. If you look like a barbie-doll that’s all good but it’s not my cup-of-tea really…

Who we are as people is not a function of the body that genetic happenstance provided us with, what makes a person sexy is all about their personality, their mentality, how they present themselves, etc…Just because the ‘beauty’ industry tries to paint a picture of some sort of idealized version of beauty that is impossible to attain, but there actually are men and women out there who will love you for you. Don’t ever be afraid to do you and love who you are…Never be afraid to shake what your momma gave you, there is some-one who thinks you are hot, even if you haven’t found them yet…

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