Daddy Philosophy: Io Saturnalia!

So it shouldn’t come as a shock to my readers that I adhere to the religion of the ancient Romans. It seems however that in the rush towards holiday inclusiveness these days, the festivals I hold dear get lost in the shuffle. It certainly doesn’t help that the early Catholic church intentionally set the dates of their important holidays at precisely the same times as popular pagan festivals. One such major holiday is nigh approaching, a mere nine days hence, the feast days of Saturn…

Pagan celebrations are typically pretty awesome in general, and almost tailor-made for kinksters like the epic public drunken orgies of the Bacchanalia (still subtly acknowledged in the the lore of Easter, with the obvious fertility symbolism of a bunny delivering eggs); Saturnalia is no exception. Although the gift-giving tradition of this winter-solstice festival was taken up by many later religious sects, some of the most fun practices of the week long festival(December 17-23) have somehow been lost to history…

During the festival those devotees of Bacchus(such as I am) would punctuate the blessed sacrament of taking wine with the customary holiday greeting, ‘Io Saturnalia’, I have been marking my holiday toasts this way for more than a decade myself. Saturnalia had always been a time of the loosening of the public morals, such that gambling, usually frowned upon, was tolerated and even encouraged during this time. However the most interesting tradition fell into disuse because of the very nature of our modern society…

Roman society was very much built on slavery, and the feasts of Saturnalia were very much characterized by the reversal of the roles of master and slave. During Saturnalia it was the master whom served the slaves, feasted them, waited upon them; I’m sure you can see where I am going with this…

As the proud Master of a Slave, so faithful and devoted, that were it necessary I would easily, by process of manumission, grant to her the status of a freedman, I am able to celebrate the days of Saturn such as my distant forefathers did. So to all of the Masters, Mistresses, Daddies and Mommies out there I issue to you a challenge, this holiday season show your subs just how much you appreciate their faithful service by switching it up and serving them. You don’t necessarily have to shout ‘Io Saturnalia’ upon orgasm, but you know I will…

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