Gourmet Style: Firecracker Guacamole

It’s about time for a recipe post. I had been feeling inspired yesterday after picking up a few things from the market in the early morning. As I was preparing this dish it occurred to me that somehow I haven’t posted a single of my many gauc recipes, which is strange since it’s somehow become my go-to healthy snack for years now. I honestly had never touched an avocado in my life before the birth of my first child more than seven years ago. For the many health-benefits it was included in our regular baby-food rotation(which I prepared fresh, all by hand), a few spoonfuls here and there while testing out the product was enough to get me hooked…

Thanksgiving and Halloween are coming up fast, maybe there is a ‘big game’ coming up, whatever your reason avocado is a great health-conscious snack to serve at your next get-together. So I know that the trending thang right now is avocado on toast, but I’ve always preferred mine with multigrain tortilla, so I inevitably took to tinkering with this classic Mexican dip, until it became my own fusion creation.  So you’ll need a few things:

2 large Hass Avocados(they are the more pear-shaped variety)

1 fresh French Shallot – minced super-fine

1 fresh Spring Onion – Green and White chopped fine

1 clove Garlic – pressed or crushed and minced

1 small Red Habenero Pepper – chopped fine, use discretion these peppers are hot!

1 small Lime – Juiced

Salt, Pepper, Cilantro and Ground Oregano to taste

I also tend to add a splash of whatever I’m drinking, rye whiskey or dark beer work the best. Guacamole is not something that should be made ahead of time, do it up freshly as your guests are there. Mash it all up and serve it with any of the wide variety of available dipping accouterments, tortillas, chips, toasts, crisps, crackers, bread-sticks, etc. This is all vegan-friendly fare as well, so it’s sure to please someone.


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