Daddy Philosophy: On Being Collared

So if you have any exposure to the BDSM lifestyle you should be aware of the significance of a collar. Inside of the bedroom, collars are useful for various forms of pet-play, bondage, and domination. In public however, a collar is a symbol of devotion, like a wedding ring, it decries ownership. In the protocol of the kink world, a collared-sub is effectively off-limits. So if you find yourself with the urge to approach or proposition a freak in a collar, spare yourself the embarrassment and show some respect…

It was with this in mind that I decided to buck the trend and allow my sub to collar me. Throughout my life I have always attracted a significant amount of attention from women(and men) while out in public. This has only seemed to increase as I’ve become more open about the lifestyle as I can’t seem to effectively disguise my confidence and dominant energy. As many attractive women can attest to, constant unwanted advances get tiresome and annoying, especially when you are married, monogamous, and owned.

I have always acted under the principle of mutual ownership in my d/s relationship so I’ve got no qualms about proudly displaying my status. True confidence is being able to wear such symbols out in the community, even though they will mark me as a submissive to such people that understand it’s meaning. I simply don’t care what people think about me.

It’s been a little over a week since I’ve been collared and so far it seems to be working for its intended purpose. People have given me some strange looks, but nobody has had the gall to say a word about it to my face yet.¬† The toxic-masculinity crowd seems to look at me with less respect(though I really don’t care about those sorts of people). It’s been a pretty effective deterrent to random women, but I still catch the occasional excited glance from those domme-leaning women who do understand the significance but are respectful enough of the conventions to leave me be…

So you were probably expecting some flowery diatribe about the emotional significance of what it means to be collared, but in my case it is really just a disguise for practical purposes. My sub and I know that despite appearances, underneath all the leather she is really the proud owner of a pet Daddy; a semi-tamed alpha predator…



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