Rant-Time: Hucows WTF?

So I am already on the record as being very body image positive and very much currently engaged in an Adult Nursing Relationship with my wife. So you’d think that I’d probably be down with a kink that rolls those two things into one. The truth is very much different than fantasy however when it comes to Hucow play…

So what is a hucow? Short-hand for ‘Human Cow’ it is a once obscure niche combining elements of forced-lactation, cosplay, pet play, and master-slave dynamics. From as simple as engaging in a bit of role-play while wearing some cow-print lingerie, to full on barnyard scenes with milking machines, it is probably not all that difficult to imagine the possibilities of such play. And many people have imagined it, and wrote extensive fantastic erotica on the subject…

The unfortunate reality though is that some kinks make for great fantasy but probably should be approached with severe caution in the real world. Take ‘Vore’ for example the sexualized cannibalism fetish that has no business ever being done for real. Of course I need to give the standard YKINMKBIOK(your kink is not my kink but it’s ok) warning. At the end of the day I really don’t care what consenting adults choose to do responsibly, but part of being responsible is examining the roots of the psychology or your kinks as well as the ethics and potential dangers.

In my experience, the community interested in hucow play are not actually involved in real life hucow play. It is the stuff of reams of oft bizarre internet erotica, cosplay porn, and disturbing discussion board fodder. I shudder at the thought of the trollish incels that inhabit such places getting-off on the idea of dehumanizing and humiliating women to be treated as cattle for their misogynistic pleasure. These socially maladjusted losers have never had a real women, much less an extremely attention demanding 24/7 slave.

Just think of the resources of time and money for facilities and equipment required to even maintain one hucow relationship let alone a whole stable full on a hucow-farm. And how many of these internet creeps have the kind of game to find, attract, and manage a harem of TPE 24/7 subs. Let’s be real, this is pure fantasy, the stuff of porn. It isn’t a game you can play at once a month, it is a multiple sessions a day, every day commitment.

Adult nursing relationships are something that usually arise organically between couples in committed relationships, because inducing and maintaining lactation takes a daily physical and emotional commitment. The mechanics of lactation, for evolutionary reasons trigger emotional hormonal responses in the bodies of the lactating woman. Feelings of intimacy, bonding, security, nurturing, affection, love, contentedness, pleasure and sexual arousal are the intrinsic reward system to perpetuate this necessary human activity.

While it is easy to see that a person whom seeks out a ANR like me can be motivated by a desire for those natural and entirely positive emotions I referenced above, the motivations of a hucow farmer run counter to these though. The act of milking a sub is one of taking forcibly without consent, the reduction of a person to the level of not just an animal, but a property animal is an act of extreme degradation. Real cattle-farmers do not develop emotional attachments to their property; they are bought and sold, used and slaughtered without a second thought. Finding a sub in real life that is truly interested in this type of play under these types of conditions is exceptionally rare. It runs counter to everything I hold true in my ethical philosophy of Positive BDSM…

But hey I acknowledge that I am a snob, and a hater, and that there are some few people that play this kink the right way, and because I already have a real master-slave and adult nursing relationship in place I could properly play out some hucows scenes(but I won’t). Mostly I just see people cashing in on selling a fantasy to people who can’t separate that fantasy from real-life BDSM. Please use caution with easing into any real play, with sensible and experienced people, if you are hucow-curious…

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