The Sub’s Side: Code Red

Recently I came across a tweet asking people for their take on sex while menstruating. Funny thing was that I had already started writing this blog post. Sessions like these, in my opinion, need to be immortalized. Here is just how one of those sessions played out.

I came to bed wearing nothing but my undies and lay on my right side facing him. Our eyes met and it wasn’t long after that before he was giving tender kisses to my left breast. Then came a light nibble on my nipple.  He then moved into a full latch and started suckling. I soon found my left knee pressed up against his testicles. He let out a moan that I instantly knew was out of pleasure.

After some time I removed the little bit of clothing I had on and position myself onto my back.  With my legs spread apart he put a little bit of coconut oil in his hands and then gently rubbed that oil between my legs with much attention paid to my clit. He positioned himself on his knees and made his way to my right breast and started suckling while working my clit.  I was gripping his testicles tighter and tighter as I climaxed.  I was a little worried of the mess that this orgasm would cause as it was my time of the month.  We have learned over the years that my period is not enough to stop us from having a great session. During this time of the month I am more sensitive and all touches are intensified. I also become very horny. Not as horny as I am while ovulating but very close.

As satisfying as this was for the two of us this is not where we could leave it. He motioned for me to move back onto my right side. He slid into me forcefully and worked me over like only he could. Every thrust was so intense that it caused orgasm after orgasm. As is common my final large orgasm was enough to set him off and for us to be climaxing at the same time. As messy as sex can be at this time of the month there is nothing that some soap and water or a nice hot shower cannot clean up. The sensations that arise from a good session during my period are well worth any mess. In addition to being completely satisfied it also helps lessen the pain from cramps and it shortens the length of time that I have my period for. I know that it’s not for everyone.

For many it can be painful. I am a masochist so any pain that it causes me just gets me off more. Our bodies also change over time. You may have tried it in the past with no luck but find that if you try again that it may work for you as well. Weather it’s an activity for you or not I wish you all the best experiences possible.

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