Power Briefs: #LingerieIsForEveryone

Lingerie is for Everyone

In the spirit of the #LingerieIsForEveryone campaign, I decided it was time for Daddy to put-up and show off some of my sexy underwear. I was never really one to wear briefs. I can remember as a small child quite sternly forbidding my Mother from buying me any more ‘tighty whiteys’. She obliged, and I wore boxer-shorts for many decades(if I wore anything at all)…

The Rear View

I was admittedly a bit startled when my wife showed up one random Friday evening with a small black bag containing an even smaller pair of black man-panties. I was a good sport about it, trying them on and modelling them for her. I couldn’t help but feel a bit like a male-stripper, one bow-tie short of a full on Chippendales dancer. The wet-look, super-stretch pleather material does very much go with the overall kink aesthetic that I flow with, and they actually do provide a comfortable amount of support to the parts that you would want supported…

Perhaps these are the aspects that justify the label of Power-Briefs, but to be honest they tend to make me feel a bit more feminine and submissive…

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