Masturbation by Proxy: #MasturbationMonday

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Masturbation Monday
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People might wonder how I handle the process of punishment in my d/s dynamic. And it’s probably not at all the way you would think. Any responsible Daddy however is going to need to have some grasp of the concepts of discipline. Daddies especially need to approach this topic though with subtlety rather than an iron-fist. Corrective actions are taken when necessary to ensure the proper growth and development of the sub, never for the sake of the dom seeking enjoyment from the act of punishment itself. Spankings are delivered as a rewarding funishment never for behavioural adjustment. Occasionally however, when such adjustments are required, the only true punishment I have to fall back on is denial-of-service…
We ran into one such occasion yesterday, in the course of an admittedly silly argument. I won’t get into the specifics of that, but the result was that I reluctantly called off our planned Friday night session. This is the most severe form of punishment that I have had to use with my sub, who is, if anything, far too good of a girl to earn any sort of punishment regularly.  To her credit, she accepted it gracefully, kissing me good-night with an ‘I love you’…
The problem with all of this is we regularly play multiple times every-day and punishing my sub also punishes myself. We are so hopelessly addicted to each-other that skipping just one nightly session leaves both of us in dire emotional distress the next day. I had gone to sleep angry and very much awoke the same way. We managed to have a calm and rational discussion about our issue over morning coffee but I was left still angry and dissatisfied, on several levels. As she came into the bedroom to try to comfort me I was at the point where I was ready to order her quite seriously and literally to fuck herself, the problem with that though is she is really terrible at getting herself off. Maybe it’s the dom in me that just can’t watch such fumbling ineptitude without sticking my nose in and shortly usurping control. I long ago became my subs masturbatory proxy, better than any toy that we know of, better than she could ever even hope to do for herself. Her final act of contrition would be to endure whatever pleasure I could provide with just my fingers…
After teasingly working over her body my fingers eventually reached the warm and literally soggy confines of her vulva, clearly thirsty from the denial of the previous evening. It took but a few minutes of stroking her clit before she began to bubble and ooze with the first of what would become many orgasms. I began the great cat-and-mouse chase with her clit as I forced her to endure such intense post-orgasm sensitivity as I relentlessly stimulate her beyond what she could ever will herself to do even if she did possess the necessary fore-arm endurance. Her body bore-down in the steady and gentle release of a wet squirting cervical orgasm, notable since there was no cervical stimulation involved. I pushed her into another clitoral orgasm so intense that it shook-her violently.
She kissed me appreciatively in her strange way of pleading for both more, and for it to end; her eyes were glazed-over, with the blown-out pupils of pure ecstasy and desire. She would have agreed to anything in that moment, but she places her trust in me that I would never abuse that condition when she gifts to me her submission. I allowed my finger to run down the length of her labia, which were drenched and opened so wide of their own accord that they seemed to be literally begging for attention. I took my time with a very sensual massage of the entire vulva teasing but never quite penetrating the vaginal opening, it allowed both time for rest and worked her up into such a froth that her vagina started to prolapse and squirt, begging with all of its might for the satisfaction of the hard pounding that she verbally asked for. I stayed firm in my no-penetration rule, this was punishment after all, and I told her so. I went back to work on her clit chaining together a couple more powerful orgasms that left her shorts, my hand, and the bed dripping and soaked, and her, rocked to the core…
I am really not sure how effective any of this is as punishment but it certainly is one heck of a lot of fun though.

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  1. Kayla Lords says:

    I think sometimes “punishments” feel kind of fun to JB too, lol.

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  2. My Husband uses similar forms of “punishment,” as He prefers not to use impact for that. Nipple torture, forced orgasm, edging, etc. And, actually, I think they are more effective for us.

    I find it amusing that you are better at getting her off than she is. Certainly makes her more dependent on you and your skills.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Philoveritas79 says:

      She’s getting better, or maybe we just have better toys now, though she still much prefers my touch to her own…

      Liked by 1 person

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