Rant Time: Materialism

As much as I have lived the urban hip-hop street life I have never quite understood that culture’s obsession with materialistic concerns. I have no desire to be dripping in diamonds, or gold. I much prefer the labels of my designer clothes to be on the inside rather than plastered ostentatiously on the front. I don’t even have a driver’s licence, or a desire for a Bentley or a Lambo, who would I be trying to impress? And would I wish to associate with those who were impressed by such needless displays of wealth…

But I guess that’s the whole point, I measure my self-worth by those things that can’t be purchased. Of which I currently possess in abundance. Instead of focusing my energies on chasing that paper, and acquiring status symbols in order to gain respect, envy and women, I have instead dedicated my life to acquiring wisdom, knowledge, skills and experience. The pursuit of becoming a Stoic sage, a person of quality, of ethical character, and a master of the sensual arts…

Any fool with assets can acquire material possessions but it takes a person of discipline and integrity to develop themselves into someone worthy of being loved, being desired, being submitted to, absent of any potential resource gain…

I have an amazing marriage that has endured many challenges and still continues to enrich our lives daily, I have children, whom I have been able to raise from infants sharing every day with them instead of slaving away in the great capitalistic rat-race. I also have a sex-life many can only dream of and some have literally killed for…I could die tomorrow without regret because I have those things that most people desire but are terribly elusive…

It may be a tired cliche but I truly live my life by the wisdom elucidated in an old Beatles song “I don’t care too much for money, money can’t buy me love”…

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