The Sub’s Side: Sex-Tape

A recent conversation on Twitter has me thinking about sex tapes. More to the point, sex tapes that I’ve been in. The story of my first one is an interesting one that I’d like to share.

When I was in my early twenties I met a guy online. It so happens to be from the same BDSM dating website that I later would meet my now husband. He was into anal and I was very interested to try it out. The first time we met I did have anal with him. He knew that it was my first time and did everything right to make it happen and make it pleasurable.

We spent a week or two talking almost every day online. During these conversations he finally asked me if I’d be okay with filming our session the next time. I agreed to do so.

When we met again we fooled around a bit before he double checked with me about filming everything. Once I gave him the green light he quickly set up the camera. The next day he had sent me a copy of the film via email. Over the years I would watch this video many times.

A year or so later I had my first date with my now husband. To break the ice I put that video on. That definitely did the trick. We were into our own session not long after that and it was a session that would lead into quite a few more in the two days we spent together.

After this magical weekend with my husband I didn’t watch the video anymore. I had almost even forgotten about it. That is until a week before we were to get married. I received an email from the guy in the video. He told me that he was now married with three children and that he no longer had the video as his wife had gotten rid of it. He went on to tell me about how he still, years later thought about it all the time and wishes for us to get together again. I responded, telling him that I was getting married and could not see him again. So that’s that, end of story. Not exactly.

About six months after getting married I found myself snooping on my husband’s Facebook. I was doing so as my husband was in our bedroom still sleeping. I took a look at his friends list and couldn’t believe what I saw. Yes, it was the guy from the video. I promptly went and woke my husband. This guy didn’t have a common John Smith type of name but I still didn’t want to believe that it was the same guy. My husband and I talked about it for some time comparing notes about what we knew of the guy. Yes it was definitely the same guy. We knew that my husband had only reconnected with this guy recently on Facebook but that my husband had been connected with a mutual friend of theirs for some time. Once I heard this guys name I knew that he had seen the video back in the day. Hell, for all I knew he still had a copy. This friend had clearly remembered me and told the guy from the video that I was getting married to their old buddy. This had to be why I got the email when I did a week before our wedding.

To this day I still can’t watch that video. When thinking about it though, I try to think of the positive. How it got both my husband and I so worked up and helped break the ice for that insanely sex filled weekend.

Daddy’s Note: I’ve always just viewed these incidents in the light of bizarre coincidence, that in a city of several millions of people the only crossover between our pre-dating social circles was this. It’s all good; I don’t hate the players, hell I don’t even hate the game…My homeboy just had a good eye for talent, at the end of the day though, I came out on top…

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