Vibrations: #MasturbationMonday

Masturbation Monday


In recent weeks our sex-toy collection has more than doubled as we’ve taken to testing several new products. It seems like every-other-day a package arrives with some new-fangled gadget promising ever-more orgasmic sessions. The only problem with this is that on the whole, there is not a lot of masturbation going on in our dynamic. If you’ve been following along with our other Masturbation Monday posts you’ll know that while it’s not strictly forbidden for either of us to indulge, it is not exactly a common occurrence…

After a steady line-up of play-sessions with a host of vibrators, suction-toys, thrusting, wiggling, and rotating devices very much designed for solo-use with girl-parts, I was happy for the change of pace when the most recent package was a ‘couples-vibrator’. I wasn’t even initially sure of the proper use of such a device, after consulting the few diagrams they had in the manual, I began to sort it out. The flexible end is inserted and remains nestled against the g-spot while the other end wraps around to stimulate the clit…

We are no strangers to this type of action, previously using a g-spot rabbit type vibrator for the same purpose, though I would constantly have to deal with the handle of that device awkwardly protruding when attempting a double-vaginal-penetration. Some of those sessions rank pretty highly on Mommy’s all-time list so I was definitely looking forward to trying out a device specifically designed for a hands-free DP, though there came a slight bit of trepidation as well. I’ve learned also from those prior sessions, that when a vibrator is applied to the shaft of my penis it interrupts the normal functioning of my orgasm. It doesn’t prevent an orgasm from happening, but it seems to interfere with the pleasurable contractions of the pelvic floor muscles which accompany my climax. In pervert-parlance this is known as a ‘ruined orgasm’ and it’s not one of my kinks, but I decided to give this new device the old college-try before jumping to any conclusions…

Our foreplay on this night consisted of a simultaneous back-massage and an ass-paddling, that strange mix of sensations worked well to get her quite worked up. I inserted the device and handed her the small remote as we started with some initial tests of the differing intensity settings. I slipped a few fingers into her though admittedly, it wasn’t long at all until those few fingers became my whole fist. As I worked the inner walls of her pussy, as she often does she began to squirt, though the placement of the device within her and the vibrating action diverted and altered the flow of the fluid. She writhed and grunted out a twisted sigh of relief as I drained her with fury. My face, several feet to the rear and above her was suddenly peppered with a barrage of water-pistol shots, I flinched, fearing I might take one in the eye, though I verbally encouraged her for more…

At some point though, the delicate bones in my hand were starting to feel the strain of the powerful squeeze of her pelvic muscles, and the internal vibrator had made parts of my hand numb. I decided that it was time to move on to the fucking portion. And the sex was lengthy and probably worthy of description itself, but more poignant to the story is but the final 30 seconds of it. I began to feel the swell of the build-up to climax, my breath quickening in that tell-tale catch that promptly set Mommy off on a vaginal orgasm. As I reached the summit of the peak, panting and spent, I found only a plateau…I mean I physically had an orgasm, but it didn’t register the usual feelings of pleasure…Ruined again by contact with a vibrator, it’s definitely a thing…

So when the very next evening I came to bed to find her lubing-up the same vibe, I was a bit put-off initially, questioning her intentions, but not protesting either. I was content to lend a hand and some encouragement while she gave it a whirl herself. As we got into it, I knew that it wouldn’t be too long before she would be begging for the dick, but I wasn’t really feeling another ruined orgasm on back-to-back nights, so getting out ahead of the situation, I excused myself to the toy-chest to grab a trusty foot-long kong-dong. And I gave her all of the penetration she could take, though in fact that is nowhere near the 12 inches of insert-able absurdity of the thing. As I fucked her as hard as I could with the dildo through screaming orgasms I started to realize that I was ragingly aroused and was going to have to get mine at some point too. Without a word it smoothly became a mutual masturbation session, though each of us were also lending a hand to our partners as well. She worked my balls with one hand while the other shifted through the frequencies of the device on the remote as I stroked my cock with one and worked the dildo with my other…

Neither of us could last long under those conditions, though it was fairly glorious(if you’re into twisted things). This session however far from being ruined, my orgasm found a warm home in her welcoming mouth…I try to make the best of the situation even if for some people they aren’t always ‘good vibrations’…


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  1. Kayla Lords says:

    Sounds like a magnificent time was had by all.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Philoveritas79 says:

    Yup, playing with yourself is always more fun with a partner…


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