Daddy Philosophy: Self-confidence

Consistently across cultures one of the personality traits that people of all genders find attractive is confidence. Of course people also equally find false-confidence unattractive, how does one find that balance. Unfortunately though, I don’t seem to have any secret formula for instant confidence; in my own experience, confidence is a product of competence. While I might not have been born with it, I happened to have been born with a lot of tools with which to succeed. As you succeed, in whatever it is that you do, so comes the confidence…

Self-confidence is really just our internal measure of success, but of course to measure something so subjective requires criteria. By which criteria do we measure our success? Is it wealth, is it reputation, academic or occupational achievement, by our track-record, by our facial symmetry or body-mass proportions? The potential judgments are near limitless, and how does one even test for such things? by competition, or the consensus of peers? Many people go wrong in the questions they are asking of themselves or the comparisons they make…

Let’s take a quick dive into my thought process for further illustration. I’d like to say that I don’t like to toot my own horn, but y’all know me, if I don’t toot it, often nobody will…I happen to be a quick-witted fellow, an actual genius by definition, but not into freakish IQ levels, just very comfortably into the percentage points of the top 1%. I’m not the smartest person in the world, but I factor reality into the equation and realize that those small handful out of tens-of-thousands that are smarter than me make up the foundations of elite business and academia. I have no need to be ‘the best’, as such measures are almost unattainable, and always transitory in nature, merely being among the best is more than enough fuel for the fires of my confidence. I can put faith in the capacity of my mind because of the innumerable occasions where I have accomplished more than I should have based solely on the keenness of my wit…Confidence is experience-based, or at least it should be…

I didn’t just burst onto the scene as a young buck already having alpha-swag, it took years and decades even to hone my craft and gain enough experience that I now have the confidence to say that I can pick any random woman off the street and get into her head and give her the time of her life, but only because I have done so, many times. It’s easy to believe that you are the man when you actually are, but fronting like you are the man will only ever lead to disaster in this game…


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