The Sub’s Side: Brat Taming

Image Credit: OTTO from Canada[CC BY 2.0]

It was Sunday night, and it was a night of switching to remember.  Daddy had been bad today, struggling his way through some little-space issues, and openly antagonizing me. It was his way of bratting though, that ended up getting us into a real argument. We worked it out through open and honest communication. Then we were ready to play.

I left the room and got my black pleather dress out of the closet. Daddy was worried that I had only brought it into the bedroom to tease him. He commented on how much it was getting him going as he watched me put it on. I turned to our dresser to choose my implements for the session. As I took my time picking from the drawer full, daddy grabbed his cock ring and put it on. Once he had seen that I had picked two floggers and the good crop he assumed the position on our bed. I started with the crop as I knew it would be a lighter pain than the floggers and a great place to start. I worked my way into the paracord flogger. This managed to get much more reaction from him and felt great in my hands. We were both definitely getting pleasure from this flogging. I moved on to the plastic lacing flogger. Truth be told, I was afraid to hurt him badly with it and held back a lot. He clearly had enough and he turned over onto his back. Now that his balls were right in front of me I had to play with them. Daddy likes it when I play rough and I was in a mood to do so. I picked up the crop and daddy flinched. He didn’t hold me back but held his eyes shut tightly. I gently placed the crop on his left testicle and did a few circles before giving him one smack with it. He then asked me if he could show me what a good boy he is and have me sit on his face. As I lifted my dress and moved up the bed to do as he asked I couldn’t help but notice how wet the bed was from prostate fluid. As if I wasn’t wet enough, feeling this wet spot was enough to make me cum. Now this was pretty much the point where daddy took over. It’s the natural dom in him. I’m usually one of those women who doesn’t feel comfortable sitting on someone’s face but tonight was different. Daddy got me off a couple of times before we changed positions and I found myself on my back. Daddy continued to eat me out for a few more minutes before going to grab the 12 inch dildo. He was using it on me while alternating between his tongue and  his fingers on my clit. Daddy then climbed on top of me into a 69 position. This is how I most enjoy it, with him on top. There are a few reasons why I enjoy it this way. The main reason is that while I like to be tea-bagged I also enjoy playing with daddy’s ass. This is exactly what I did. Daddy and I both enjoy me working his prostate. Sometimes he will have a hard time concentrating on what he’s doing. When this happens it’s not all that long before we change positions again and move into the hard fucking.

Daddy was really giving it to me good, as I had my legs up in the air resting on his shoulders. I love it when my cervix is being pounded. Then out of seemingly nowhere he stops and works his whole hand into me and works my A spot. I always squirt so much from this and tonight was no different. We ended up leaving a big wet spot on the bed as usual. Daddy says that his go to answer to any Rorschach test will always be our bed sheets after a session.

After being fisted, daddy continued to give it to me like nobody’s business. We both ended up coming at the same time. I don’t know many people who wouldn’t agree that simultaneous orgasms are an amazing thing.

Daddy did his usual post scene tweet, but I couldn’t help myself. I said that there was just too much to say for a tweet, so I wrote this blog post. I hope you’ve enjoyed it. Have a great week friends.

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