The Sub’s Side: Tradecraft #KOTW

As I watched daddy using paracord to refurbish one of our crops that had broken I couldn’t help but think how nice it looked and talented daddy is. He’s a man of many talents both inside and outside of the bedroom.

A few days later we decided on a whim to have a craft day. We both made a flogger out of paracord and made it into a competition of sorts. As he had more experience with this activity he definitely came out the winner in this one. This activity led me to want to make even more floggers to see what I could do. I ended up with 14 floggers made within a few days. No two are exactly alike. They are all one-of-a-kind made with love, and also made with pain and pleasure in mind.

Once I had a drawer full of floggers, I made the decision to open up an Etsy shop. Doing all this from my smartphone proved to be a little challenging. Things just wouldn’t set up the way I wanted them to. I stuck with it and even though it was a painful task I got it done. Over the next few days I learned more and more about the Etsy site and how to navigate it. I ended up setting up my profile and letting people know something about me that online I had kept under lock and key. If you check out my shop you too will find out that bit of information about me.

Daddy had told me that I was not allowed to make more floggers until I sold some. I wanted to make things so badly. I found a way around this dilemma by making a set of cuffs and a connector to use between the cuffs. I then made a matching set of ankle cuffs. Yes I advertised them for sale as well. With daddy’s permission and help I then made a hog tie that matches my set of cuffs. I have not posted this item for sale as of yet but I will. I was also without a day collar so it seemed fitting to make myself one that also matches my cuffs.

Maybe you’ll get inspired to make yourself something fun. If you’d rather buy great handmade items please check out my store.

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