The Sub’s Side: Adventures in Squirting…

My first time squirting would be something forgotten for years. I was 21 the first time it happened. Squirting was something I knew nothing about and this first time would be one of those times that it just kind of happened. While riding my boyfriend one night I got to the point of orgasm. I knew something had happened that had not happened to me up until this point as there was quite a bit of fluid. It felt different than peeing so it peaked my curiosity. It would bring me later the next day to look it up on the internet. Back then there was not a lot of information easily found but I did find something to make me realize what it was. I had squirted, something that would not happen to me again for quite some time.

Years went by until I found myself experimenting sexually with a few different play partners. I was in my mid-twenties and just having a good time. I was willing to do almost anything my partners wanted to do. One day one of the men I was seeing came over to my place to play. There was no communication really between the two of us other than for him to give me commands. He told me to remove me clothes and lie on my back on the bed. He had put a towel down on the bed before I lay down. I had no idea what to expect but I was intrigued. With some finessing and some force he proceeded to get his whole hand inside my vagina and fist me. It felt like he had been at it forever and I could feel a build up inside me as well as a wave of heat going over my whole body. I begged him to stop, but every time I did he would say NO and for me to just relax. He was a man on a mission and he did accomplish it. It was as if there was a water balloon inside me that he popped. The towel did nothing to protect the bed. I thanked him over and over again as it felt so great but that was not enough for me to keep seeing him. That was our last play session. I was uncomfortable with him not listing to my begging him to stop. I could not trust him in order to keep playing. On top of all that I had met someone else. This man I had meet is now my husband and always was, and always will be worth giving up all other partners for.

My husband and I never used to talk much about sex. I may have mentioned over the years my experiences with squirting to him but it was not something that I told him that I desired. We’ve been together for over a decade now and in that time I would experience a few orgasms’ where I would squirt that would be similar to my first time. Usually these happened when I’d be on top riding him. Again, much like my first experience. It wasn’t until about ten months ago that my husband and I would learn the importance of communication about our sexuality and our desires. That is when after a long period of time we would get back into BDSM. When we first sat down and talked about our kinks one of mine that I would tell him was being fisted. Since I trust my husband completely and he’s never not listened to me during a scene, I was comfortable enough to know and say that I wanted to be fisted again. I truly wanted that feeling after of being totally drained of all fluids again.

Almost a month would go by till our 9 year wedding anniversary would come up and we’d find ourselves alone. The kids were gone for a sleep-over and we were going to make the best of it. I got dressed up in a cup-less corset and some frilly booty shorts for him while he got the under bed restraint system all set up. He strapped me down to the bed firmly and proceeded to pleasure me in so many ways. This would be the first time that he would try to forcibly make me squirt by fisting me. He worked my g-spot and front wall of my vagina with his fingers. I would squirt little streams in all directions, hitting him in the arms and possibly even in the face at one point. I knew that I was capable of more from my past experience but did not understand what it would take.

We would finally get it figured out over the next few months. My husband discovered that being forceful with my a-spot is what does the trick. Of course I do need to be well hydrated. My husband can often times get me to squirt with such volume and force that it soaks his shorts and covers my legs right down to my ankles. I love when he reminds me in the morning to drink plenty of water during the day as I know that I will be getting emptied out later that night when I get home. It’s as if my husband has unlocked all the secrets my body has been keeping. He can even make me squirt from intercourse. It’s one of our favorite things to do. It may have taken some trial and error, and patience to get it all to work but it is so worth it.

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