Rant-Time: Orgasm Denial, Playing With Fire?

So one thing I’ve noticed about new and inexperienced doms is the propensity to dive into orgasm-control play. Maybe it makes them feel like a big man to have absolute authority over how and when their sub is allowed to have an orgasm. Sometimes I wonder though just how many men truly understand the functioning of the female orgasm and just how differently it operates from the experience of a man.

Perhaps I am a bit biased because forced orgasms are so integral to my play-style. I have always been of the opinion that achieving orgasm is the actual object of this game, if you aren’t getting your partner off you are failing. If you demand that it should always be exclusively about your own pleasure, you are only going to out yourself as a selfish wannabe fake dom…

So I am going to let you in on a little secret, women are physiologically capable of having multiple orgasms in a session. Unlike men, orgasm doesn’t signal the end of play, it doesn’t even appreciably satiate desire.  The longer a man goes without orgasm the more he will desire it, but for most women extended periods of denial only serve to reduce desire. You might think that you will turn her into some kind of starved animal begging for your attention, but if she doesn’t shut down completely she’ll probably start desiring someone who can actually get the job done…

I approach every scene with the same goal in mind, to grant to my sub a new record number of orgasms. We’re talking so many orgasms that we both lose count. I mix it up between clittoral, cervical, vaginal, and g-spot to keep things fresh and really this is how you keep your sub satisfied and craving more. When I break out orgasm denial it is actually a punishment, but it works as a punishment because I am actually denying her the hours of intense pleasure that she regularly enjoys…

But hey what do I know, I’ve only got decades of experience, and never have had a sub end a relationship with me. I keep my women happy, satisfied and very much willing to submit to my every desire, and it isn’t from denying them anything…

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