Daddy Philosophy: Dominate Yourself

Ok so it’s not really much of a secret that I am into big women and older women but how I came to be so probably is; a secret I guess I am going to reveal now. So like most men in the internet age I have seen quite a lot of pornography. It’s actually becoming quite a problem in our society because of the tendency for human beings to become mentally conditioned to certain forms of stimuli. If you combine visual stimulation(porn) and physical stimulation(masturbation) over time these activities become intertwined in your brain and in most cases this can become a problem when you find yourself involved in a real life situation with a real life partner(who is probably not a porn-star).

As a young man I was fairly broad in my tastes, I had been with big girls, small girls, short girls and tall girls. I don’t discriminate about body style because I’ve always been far more interested in psychological attraction than I have been about physical attraction. It was in my early twenties however that I really decided to take action to condition myself in order to ensure a lifetime of satisfaction. I reasoned that while I was easily attracted to beautiful young women, there would come a time as I aged that continuing to attract such women would become increasingly difficult. What if I decided to get married? I would one day eventually wake up beside a old woman with grey-hair, wrinkles, love handles, stretch-marks, surgical scars, varicose veins, and all of the other things that happen to real people as they age. Could I be that typical shallow jerk and just trade her in for a younger model when I ceased to be physically attracted to her? That is definitely not me, but maybe there was a way I could prevent that loss of attraction in the first place…

So I decided to dominate myself, to force myself into unpleasant things, ultimately for my own good. I regularly and purposefully subjected myself to some pretty extreme images. At first nude photos of 300 pound grannies was predictably repulsive, but slowly over time the conditioning began to take hold. Like how seeing violence will eventually desensitize you to it, so too I desensitized myself. As the years went by and I kept this routine up I not only was not repulsed by them but I actually became aroused by them, I came to see the beauty in the confidence that these ‘ugly’ women projected by displaying themselves such…

It perhaps even worked a bit too well since I rarely ever give a second glance to conventionally beautiful women these days. The mind is an amazing thing, with a little bit of understanding and years of planning and follow-through you can truly program yourself to become whomever you wish to be…


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