Rant-Time: Fake Doms

So yes it’s right about time for a rant. This particular rant has been brewing for a while now. A scourge has somehow infected not only the internet sphere, but takes itself offline with usually disastrous consequences; the blight of the fake dom. See I have been a real dom for four-score seasons now, but had a solid decade of seasoning before I ever took on that title. Back in my day that title was something to be earned, something granted by others, not just put on like a fancy cloak…

There are now two classes among those who lay claim to the title, the online game players, and the live-action players, and they are not at all difficult to separate…Asking simple yet poignant questions of a potential ‘dom’ can pretty easily distinguish the wheat from the chaff…

A real dom has real-world, in-person experience that they are comfortable discussing at length. A real dom should also have some level of vanilla experience and understand the difference between the two. A real dom has a skill-set, specialties, specific roles, limits and preferences, a philosophy, and an understanding of dynamics and will expect that you will too. A real dom will open up appropriate negotiations prior to ever suggesting playing. A real dom will not try to issue commands to you before any negotiations are completed. A real dom respects that submission is granted in an explicit manner, not just inferred. They do not send or ask for lewd photos until that is negotiated as acceptable. A real dom understands consent…

If you cannot tell the difference between a troll living in his parents basement spamming BDSM social media channels in the desperate fishing expedition to bag the big-one, and a genuine player, you really should not even be playing this sport because you could actually get seriously hurt…



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