Daddy-Land: Pet Store Adventure

So I guess since my last post let the cat out of the bag, I might as well share a funny story from just another day in the life of your friendly neighborhood Daddy. When you’re married to your play partner and you have young children together, you sometimes have to get creative with your kink. Earlier this evening my wife had suggested a walk to the local pet-store with the children. I mean what kid doesn’t like looking at all the adorable animals…

My toddler was so excited as we looked at all the exotic fish, she had a special fondness for the shark they had on display. And of course the Nemo and Dory fish were a big hit. As we eventually made our way to the section of the store where they keep the mammals, I discretely slipped away as my family went to look at hamsters and bunnies; I had a special mission…

I made my way to the dog walking equipment section which was completely deserted. I studiously browsed their selection of collars, a pretty pink synthetic rubber one caught my eye. In the course of reading over the specifications to see if the sizing was suitable for my needs, I noticed the most darling nylon leash, in black, with pink trim, with adorable pink skulls running down the length. I had been absent-mindedly fondling the collar in my hand as I grabbed the leash off of the rack, taking the ends in either hand I pushed in and snapped it hard unleashing(yes pun) a loud and satisfying crack.

Perhaps it was the smooth and practiced way that I performed that maneuver that made me feel a little self conscious. On the surface I was just another random guy in a pet store, I wasn’t dressed outlandishly or anything, except the head-to-toe black, but still I must have looked pretty strange at that moment. I turned my head to see if anyone was around, and sure enough I locked eyes with a random middle aged woman standing at the end of the aisle staring at me, mouth agape, breathing heavily, the look in her eyes clearly showed that she realized that most likely I didn’t even own a dog(In fact I never have). She panicked and quickly ducked behind a shelf as I stifled a laugh. I don’t know if there is really anything that could make me blush these days but that was an awkward moment for sure…

I went off to find my family and was promptly chided by my wife for getting side tracked from my mission. I was supposed to get a more formal looking evening collar for an upcoming wedding, and pink would simply not go with her outfit. As if I didn’t feel foolish enough already, but here Daddy went all kid-in-a-candy store and got distracted. We all walked back to the dog section to find something more suitable.

By this time I guess that random woman had worked up enough courage to make a second pass at me, she looked scornfully in my wife’s direction as she realized I wasn’t alone, and wistfully at me as I went off with my family, my children excitedly talking about all the creatures they saw. A fun family outing with just a splash of discrete kink. I do suspect that this sort of scenario happens more often than you’d think, so next time you’re in the pet-store pay attention and you just might spot the dom…


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