Memoirs: Cigars For Every Meal

Ok so this is a challenge post. For the first time in my life I smoked three cigars in a single day so you don’t have to…And I certainly wouldn’t recommend it, unless you got some years under your belt, or at least a full bottle of whiskey(Wisers FTW).

So almost a week ago my bff threw yet another theme party, this time it was the 80’s. There were some bangin’ costumes, from Magnum P.I. to Run DMC…I however, in keeping with my outward facing persona, opted for the quintessential douche-bag look, the Lacoste golf-shirt with a popped collar, with the Hilfiger sweater tied around my shoulders, it was so realistic that I actually got punched by a random party-goer…To top off the ultimate douche-bag look I had a boutique Jamaican cigar that my sis’ got me for Christmas that I just couldn’t find a box for, since it was infused with Hennessy Pure White(a top shelf port). It was a toro size, much bigger then I actually smoke but perfect for pulling off the Wall St., yacht club, douche-bag look…

I actually brought a Cuban to herf on that night, but I still found myself with a premium non-Cuban that I needed to do something with. I couldn’t put it in my humidor, currently full to the brim with Cubans, so I tossed it in a nice Rocky Patel dress box that I wasn’t currently doing anything with…

This morning I found myself with a surplus of time, cigars,  and rye-whisky so I said, f-it and decided to have an epic day. For breakfast I went with the RyJ #2(my personal fave), I had multiple smokegasms enjoying this one, if I ever find myself on death-row a Romeo numero dos will be my request for a last meal…It was all coffee, chocolate and cedar; beautiful…

For lunch I pulled out a Quintero Breva, which is my go-to daily smoke, it was a tad-young but solidly satisfying all the same. Leather, earth, black-pepper, but unmistakably Cuban. It’s all relative, it didn’t blow me away but more than worth the $2-3 price tag…

Dinner time found me busting out the boutique Blue Mountain cigar, incidentally more expensive than both the Cubans I had smoked earlier. It tasted unsophisticated, I caught only the essence of the blackest earth that makes Blue Mountain coffee  some of the worlds best, and of course the flavour of the Hennessy dip, but otherwise it was like every-other non-Cuban premium cigar I’ve ever had. It really leaves something to be desired, that signature twang you get from a Cuban cigar, there really is no substitute…

So at least I found a creative way to get rid of the douche-bag prop cigar that infected everything in its sphere, but really my opinions remain unchanged. I’d still take a short-filler Cuban over a quality premium non-Cuban any day of the week….

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