Gourmet Style: Huevos Rancheros

So you probably have heard of the Queen, heck if you’re Canadian; and I suspect that you may be; you might have even been required by-law to swear an Oath of Allegiance to Elizabeth II and her successors, as I twice have in the course of my attendance to the public governance. Now just because I’ve literally sworn an oath of fealty to her as my feudal lord doesn’t mean I have any great love for the concept of hereditary monarchy. But alas we are getting a little far afield here, so I’ll try to rein it back in…

So I happened upon a television program, which was chronicling the Queen’s daily humdrum. An interview with the Royal Chef revealed a breakfast menu of that particular day as consisting of Huevos Rancheros, the traditional Mexican labourer’s egg dish. Unfortunately, the program moved on before ever showing a glimpse of the reported royal breakfast. It certainly left me wondering what might the Queen’s ranch-style eggs look like.

So you’ve got the late-night munchies, and a cursory examination of your pantry reveals a hodge-podge of international ingredients you decide to give the HRM Huevos a contemporary fusion flair. So you start with the base, traditionally a corn tortilla, but I could totally see the Queen’s dish served on a lightly toasted English crumpet. The crumpet is dressed with a thick sour-cream, though creme-fraiche could work just as well. The eggs are pretty standard with the only notable additions, my hand-crafted ghost-pepper blended ground chile, and some aged cheddar. I diced up a fresh tomato-salsa, spring onion, and finely shredded green-leaf lettuce heart. To finish off the salad; which for these purposes should be pronounce sal-awd, rather than sal-ad; a drizzle of olive oil and blood-orange balsamic vinegar(special shout-out to my Mom who knows that the thing to get the man who has everything is a selection of fine vinagars). The finishing touch, to add the hint of salt, is the king of the hard cheeses, some freshly grated Grana Podano.

So there you have it, I don’t know if this even remotely resembles the dish that came out of the Royal kitchen that day, but who cares, it tasted awesome. I even considered serving it with the Queen’s preferred cocktail, reportedly London Dry Gin and Dubonnet Aperitif Wine, but to be honest that sounds like something a street-drunk would serve out of a brown paper bag.

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