Gourmet Style: Stewed Lamb Shoulder Chop

South-East Asian Inspired Stewed Lamb Shoulder Chop with Mint Sauce

Ok so this is the last installment of MasterChef practice dishes. I started with an inexpensive cut of lamb, blackened in a pan and slow cooked it in a eclectic south-east Asian inspired sauce until it literally fell off the bone. Chili and Lime, Curry and Cumin, cool-mint and hot cinnamon, dark roasted java and coca-cola, stunning. Carrot, Shallot, Onion, and Garlic in the Dutch Oven for the stew. Served on a bed of mashed potato with broccoli florets and sweet corn niblets. This dish had such complexity of flavours. I didn’t have time to wait for a mint jelly to set so I went with a fresh mint sauce instead. Although the mint sauce was largely unnecessary as the lamb had no trace of gaminess.

Even if I don’t get a shiny new MasterChef apron(knock on wood…) I’ll still keep whippin’ up a storm of contemporary gourmet cuisine. Just not everyday, as my wife and daughter are less gastronomically inclined.

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