So You Wanna: Smoke Cuban Cigars

My personal favourite: Romeo y Julieta #2…

If you are going to be a business man, you’d best learn a thing or two about cigars. ‘They smell bad, taste terrible, make you sick’ you’d say. I’d say that’s true but you should still learn to appreciate that others might find them enjoyable, and lets face it, you don’t want to look like an ass when you find yourself exposed to at least a discussion about cigars.

Cigars and brandy in the drawing room might be almost completely a thing of the past, but at one time was an honoured, daily tradition. Many business and political matters have been negotiated over cigars. Nowadays cigars are seen in fewer places in public and thus the common knowledge  about them has dissipated.

If you know anything about cigars you know that Cuban cigars are the best. Why is there such prestige surrounding them? Some would say the American embargo of Cuban products elevates their rarity and the thrill of contraband contributes. As a Canadian who can freely purchase them I still would say they are the finest cigars in the world. The soil, the humidity, the growing tradition, something about smoking a habanos it just tastes like a cigar should taste. You quickly realize that American and European Cigars are trash, even Dominican and Latin American pale in comparison.

You could travel the world and smoke cigars till you’re green in the face and still you would end up in Cuba. Save yourself the trouble and take my word for it. Focus on the Cubans.

Smoking Cuban cigars in not a poor man’s game. If you are a punter, than you get your Cubans at the country club before a round of golf.(cost me a small fortune one day). How about the upscale cigar bar in the business district. Try again. End sellers of the product add profits every set of hands it goes through. If you are a savvy business man, and you probably are, then you want to go direct to the supplier. Vacation time slotted for Cuba.

The retail price in my experience for quality Cuban cigars in Canada is up to 4 times higher than the retail price in Cuba. Each person visiting Cuba is entitled to bring back 50 cigars, duty free into Canada. I’ll break down some worthwhile purchases I would recommend to anyone planning a Cuban cigar run in a future post.

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